Leyland Birch Academic Bursary


The 2017 bursary is now closed.  The 2018 bursary will be launched in 2018.

Applications are now invited for the 2017 bursary from students who will be studying at university from Autumn 2017 and who live within the area of benefit.

A £1200 bursary, paid over 3 years, is offered by the Trustees and Governors of the East Wickham and Welling War Memorial Trust, in memory of the late Leyland Birch, who was Bexley’s Borough Solicitor for many years and a Trustee and Governor of the Trust.

The bursary will be extended to a 4th year, with a further £400 award made to the successful student, should that student progress to study Law post graduation.

Applications are invited from students who are due to begin their studies at university in the Autumn term of 2017. Students may submit any essay of their choice alongside a personal statement but they should be aware that the choice of essay will be taken into account when judging applications, alongside the content of the essay and the personal statement. The essay may be a piece of work undertaken as part of coursework, but it must be the work of the applicant and must be verified as original work by the subject teacher. The personal statement may be the same statement as submitted to UCAS.


  1. There will be one bursary offered each academic year.
  2. Applicants must have been a resident within the area of benefit for at least two years before the date they start university.
  3. The closing date for applications is 30th September 2017.
  4. Candidates should be informed of the decision of the Trustees by 31st October 2017.
  5. Essays should be typed, or clearly hand-written, using A4 paper, with text on one side only. The applicant’s name must be noted on each page.
  6. Personal statements should be typed, or clearly hand written, with the applicant’s name noted on each page.
  7. An application form must be completed and independently verified.
  8. Applications must be submitted by post. Those submitted by email will not be accepted.
  9. Essays will not normally be returned. Candidates who wish to keep their essays should make copies beforehand.
  10. If in one year, no essay is judged by the Trust to be of a sufficient standard, then no bursary will be offered in that academic year.
  11. The bursary will be paid in three tranches, each in November; £400 in the first year at university, £400 in the second year at university and £400 in the final year at university.
  12. It is the responsibility of the successful student to send proof of study each year. The successful student will be advised of the format of this proof.
  13. If the successful student fails to acknowledge receipt of the £400 cheque in any year, the Trustees reserve the right to withdraw any remaining payments due under the bursary.
  14. The Trustees will appoint an independent assessor of the essay and personal statement.
  15. All decisions of the Trust are final.