Welling’s Green and Pleasant Land

Brampton Litter pick Danson Park 1

You may have noticed small armies of litter pickers from the local primary schools in Welling helping to clean up our local area.  The Trust has been working in partnership with Bexley Council’s Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC) to run the England’s Green and Pleasant Land project.  This project is part of the Trust’s centenary commemorations of the end of the First World War to help remember the men from East Wickham and Welling who never returned to our local green fields and farms, which made up most of our area 100 years ago.

Joanne Bradley, Waste Education Officer from SWAC has reported back on the project so far:

“Schools from Welling and East Wickham have been rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck into this fantastic project – England’s Green and Pleasant Land.

Following a litter assembly delivered by the SWAC Team at the London Borough of Bexley about the devastating effects of litter on our wildlife and local community, classes have joined us to take part in a community litter pick. Using litter pickers and gloves the groups picked up litter from the streets around their school and in the parks and open spaces nearby. Many members of the public stopped to thank the groups for their hard work and congratulate them on making such a positive contribution to their local community. The children learnt first-hand the negative impacts that humans can have on our environment and became a positive part of the solution to this problem. They even separated the litter into recyclables and non-recyclables so they could be sent off to be processed correctly.

The children really enjoyed being part of this project for such a special cause, in memory of the men from Welling and East Wickham who lost their lives during the First World War. The East Wickham and Welling War Memorial Trust gave each of the schools that took part a certificate and £200 to spend on something ‘green’ for the school, and a packet of poppy seeds for every primary school child to be planted in memory of those brave men.

Here are a few comments from some of the children that took part –

‘I enjoyed helping to clear up the park so everyone could have a good time there’ – William, Brampton Primary

‘We picked up rubbish to help the community. The litter in the park is dangerous to wildlife and spoils the way the park looks.’ – Izzy, Brampton Primary

‘We went to Danson Park to help clear the rubbish up because we wanted to help the environment and all the animals that live there.​ ‘– Megan, Brampton Primary

‘It was fun picking up all the rubbish’ – Kacey, Aspire Academy

‘I was disgusted about how much litter and cigarette ends people had left lying around’ – Kenzo, Aspire Academy

‘The amount of litter was atrocious’ – Israel, Aspire Acedemy

Congratulations to all the young people who took part and our thanks to the wonderful SWAC team for running this project for the Trust.  Photographs show the Brampton School team in Danson Park and back at school receiving their well-deserved certificate and cheque, presented by Trust Governor, Rev’d Peter Organ.

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